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Hello! We want to make the world a little bit tastier. We bring street food from all over the world directly to your home or office. This takes just 4 minutes.


We only use high quality ingredients and of course no artificial preservatives or flavour enhancers. You don't need a great restaurant around the corner or an expensive delivery service. YOUCOOK dishes are now easily available in the chilled section of your supermarket. Click here for the store finder!



"I tried your dishes for the first time today. (Butter Chicken) And I am really delighted, it was very good. Great packaging and design. The rice was on point. And the meat and sauce also very well matched. Meat was also still very juicy."
*Anton K. (42)
"Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm really excited about your dishes... I eat them almost every day at work for lunch. I've already recommended it to some colleagues at work, and they think it's great too????"
*Kirsten M. (28)
"In the last few days I have tried your Bami and Nasi Goreng and was once again positively delighted by the finely balanced and coherent taste. In short: njamm njamm! Your products have helped me a lot, especially in times of the home office, to replace the missing company canteen. Unfortunately, I do not like to cook and am therefore very grateful that your tasty dishes are available and can be quickly prepared in the microwave. Many thanks for this and keep up the good work!"
*Frank E. (37)

Customer Testimonials

*The names and ages of our customers have been changed due to anonymity reasons